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Memorial Day 2015

In observance of Memorial Day here are some video tributes from the past.

Ceremony at the Civil War memorial in Cedar Hill in 2012 at this link.

Re-dedication of the Civil War memorial in Cedar Hill Cemetery in 2013 at this link.

If you want to hear what the music sounded like in the Civil War listen to this.

Debbie Klak talks about the War Memorial up at Frankford Stadium at this link.

The Battle Hymn of the Republic on the mighty organ at St. Mark’s played by Ed Green at this link.

In Frankford on Monday at 9:30 AM at St. Joachim Church, Griscom and Church Streets, there will be a Memorial Day observance.  There are veterans at rest in the cemetery there from the Civil War, WW1 and 2 and Vietnam.  At least two of them were killed in action.  The Scouts will be on hand to place flags on the graves of these men. You are cordially invited to stop by and pay tribute.