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An American Author in Germany Hails from Frankford

Take Mark Twain and mix in George Carlin with a touch of Louis C. K. and you may come close to Chris Heist.

Every so often I hear from someone really far away who is reading the Gazette online.  Most check in to see what is going on in the old neighborhood and its interesting to chat with them.  Chris Heist is a 30 something guy who grew up in and around Frankford and now lives in Germany.  He contacted me to let me know he has a book out.

I was interested in how he ended up in Germany.  He took the long way from working here and there after graduating from Frankford High School in 1997 to the Army recruiter in 1999.  He spent six years in the Army in various deployments which included time in Iraq and Germany.  He met a German girl and fell in love and got married and along came daughter Vanessa.

He left active duty with the army in 2006 (continued in the Army Reserve) and decided to stay in Germany and try to make a living.  At present he works on an Army base in Kaiserslautern as a civilian employe. So far its working out.  He splits his time between  working in Kaiserslautern and living on the weekends in Heidelberg to be closer to his daughter.

Chris Heist and daughter Vanessa

Chris Heist and daughter Vanessa

His book, titled “What I’ve Learned: An Encyclopedia of Perpetual Bullshit” is a collection of observations.  Its entertaining, funny and insightful written in the language you might find on the streets and corner bars in Frankford.  It is absolutely original.  You can check it out at this link.  Scroll down and read the reviews.  For a first book they are pretty good.

When Chris comes through this area next time we might be able to get Betsy Baxter to host a book signing at the Frankford Library.

Father’s day is coming up and this would be a good gift for the old man.


2 thoughts on “An American Author in Germany Hails from Frankford

  1. thats awsome,now i have to get the book,cause i am also a frankford original lol,so happy for you and your daughter is beautiful..

  2. Krissy, thank you. And I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book if you choose to buy it.

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