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Tips to Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

School’s almost out for summer!

As your children head outdoors to enjoy their much deserved vacation, Lisa Tucciarone, nurse practitioners from Aria Health FastCare, has compiled a few helpful tips to help parents avoid common summer health hazards to keep families and children happy and healthy all summer long.

  •  Enjoy the water without swimmer’s woes

Swimming is a favorite activity for kids once the weather heats up; however, prolonged fun in the water can lead to unwelcome discomfort from Swimmer’s Ear. Common signs of Swimmer’s Ear include ear pain, decreased hearing and/or fluid drainage from the ear. If any of these symptoms are present, visit your doctor immediately for prompt treatment. To save yourself a trip to the doctor, be sure to thoroughly dry ears after swimming – avoid using cotton swabs as they could damage the ear canal or ear drum.  Also, be wary of swimming in lakes or other bodies of water that may contain high levels of bacteria.

  •  Watch out for athlete’s foot

Although sneakers are a staple for summer play, wet shoes and socks and humid weather can lead to athlete’s foot. Make an effort to pack an extra pair of socks for your child – white cotton socks are the best. Also, consider bringing a lighter, well-ventilated pair of shoes for walking around in the warm weather.  If your child complains of a rash or itching on their feet that isn’t improving it may be time to seek medical help to clear up the infection.

  • Aloe vs. antibiotics

Long days in the sun can often lead to sunburns if skin is not properly protected. Minor sun burns can typically be treated at home; however, if you or your child is experiencing a fever, chills, nausea, or swelling it may be time to seek medical assistance. Be sure to thoroughly cover all exposed skin with sunscreen every time your children are in the sun and apply at least 30 minutes before going in the water. Sunscreen should be at least 30 SPF and waterproof. It should also be re-applied every 2 hours.

Treatments ranging from athlete’s food to minor sunburn, as well as swimmer’s ear and even physicals for summer camp are available at both of Aria Health FastCare locations in Northeast Philadelphia or Levittown, PA with no appointment necessary. Aria introduced its FastCare clinics in 2013 to offer members of the community convenient, walk-in access to non-emergent healthcare services without the wait.