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Thefts From Vehicles Way Up in July

Secure your cars, thefts from vehicles were way up in the 15th District PSA1 for July.

It jumped up to 42 in July which is about double what it has been.  Often this is a case of the drive leaving it unlocked for the criminal to help himself.  Other times if you leave something in view that is too tempting for the low life to resist they will just break your window and help themselves.  Click on the image below for a full size view.

crime summary july 2015-1


There was a criminal homicide and two negligent homicides in July.  I’m not sure exactly what negligent homicide is so I’ll ask at the next PSA meeting which is on August 27th at Aria Hospital at 7 PM.

You can read the entire crime report to see where the crime is happening at this link.