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SEPTA Agreement Makes Way for Development

After several months of discussions, SEPTA and the Frankford Community Development Corporation have reached an agreement on the development of the blocks now occupied by SEPTA between Pratt Street and Dyre Street and Griscom Street and Frankford Avenue.  SEPTA’s plans for construction on the lot adjacent to Frankford Avenue will go as planned with the addition of an area for stores on the Frankford Avenue side.  The lot where the employe parking lot is now located will be made available for “… development which will include a food market (with ancillary parking)…”

SEPTA will invite developers to submit proposals for the development of these sites and responses will be evaluated and a selection may be made based of that process.  The bottom line is that this kick starts the development of the area around the FTC.

Below is Gary McLaughlin at the board meeting discussing one of the issues in the resolution.