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The Kings Highway to be Documentary

It was a trail at first, long before the Europeans came along.  The Indians in this area traveled it.  Then the Dutch and then the English settled the area and it became a road.  The English King Charles II ordered that a road should be built from Charleston SC to Boston MA and it was completed after 85 years in 1735.

sherman and young

Jason Sherman and Jim Young President of the Historical Society of Frankford

It would witness the historic events of the revolution and grow to become Main Street in Frankford and then Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia.

Jason Sherman presented his plan to do a documentary on The King’s Highway at the meeting of the Historical Society of Frankford on September 8th.

This is a project that needs our support.  Filming has been going on for some time and as you see from the  trailer below, it will be a quality production.  This is a link to the web site.


Kickstarter Video for The King’s Highway Documentary from King’s Highway on Vimeo.