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The Frankford NAC RCO is Recruiting Zoning Board Members

What is the purpose of a zoning committee? 
The zoning committee’s purpose is to facilitate a public forum for the discussion and review of zoning variance requests through community votes for all applications occurring within the Frankford NAC Service Area, and to convey the community vote at the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) hearings for variance request. The zoning committee is a neutral body that conveys information about zoning within the boundaries to the community, and gives a voice to the residents concerns and hopes for the neighborhood and its development.
Who is eligible? 
The zoning committee is open to all interested residents within the boundaries and who are willing and able to devote time to the process. Members are expected to attend Community Zoning meetings regularly, and to participate in the execution of those meetings. The zoning committee may host occasional community meetings to educate residents about the zoning process, bring in relevant guest speakers, and discuss community concerns around zoning issues.
If you are interested in serving on the zoning committee, contact
Christine De Jesus, NAC Coordinator at (215)743-6580 or


* The NAC is funded and supported by the Office of Housing and Community Development