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October NAC Zoning

At the Frankford NAC zoning meeting on October 8th:
1667 Orthodox Street- requesting a variance to approve the nine foot barbed wire fence already installed. Only a 4 ft fence is allowed by code. – Owner did not submit require documents prior to meeting, Orange sign not posted.  Continued until next meeting.
4518 Hedge Street- built an extension on the back of their house. The next door neighbor complained that the extension has caused damage to her property resulting in her paying to have it fixed.   – Owner did not submit require documents prior to meeting.  Continued until next meeting.
5400 Valley Street – is seeking a variance for a fence they installed. The fence can only be 4ft. tall in a residential area.  – Continued because residents did not show up to vote.
1011-13 Arrott Street- is seeking a variance to build an extension on the back of their house. Currently is extends 10 ft back. They want to demolish that and extend it 40 ft. – Owner failed to appear.  Continued until next meeting.
The next zoning meeting of the Frankford NAC will be held on November 12th at 7PM at Second Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street.

2 thoughts on “October NAC Zoning

  1. 5400 Valley Street was continued because neighbors did not show up to the meeting?????? How is that the applicants fault? These meetings are a disgrace and a waste of the applicants time and money. He should go to his zoning hearing and have his variance approved as he did what he was supposed to do. Again, no common sense used in these decisions.

  2. The new order of the ages is coming into clear view now. Humanity’s transformation will soon start…

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