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82 Guns off the Street

The 15th District PDAC (Police District Advisory Council) reports that the gun buy back held on December 19th took in 82 guns.  That was a record number of weapons turned in.  The buy back was sponsored by the 15th Police, the PDAC and Barbera on the Boulevard.

At the 15th District PSA1 meeting on December 17th, about 20 people were in attendance which is a good number given that Christmas was fast approaching.  Lt. Gordon announced that the February PSA1 meeting will be held at the Bridesburg Recreation center on February 25th.  Bridesburg is part of PSA1 and this will give the folks over there a convenient opportunity to attend the meeting.

Officer Kennelly gave an update on burglary activity.  He said that burglary is up again in the past few weeks but this time on the West side of Castor Avenue.  The crooks are taking advantage of open or unlocked windows during the day time when people are at work.  Some advice: Lock your windows, especially those on the ground floor that are not in public view.  If your windows are hidden by tall shrubs, trim them to make the windows more visible.

Lt. Gordon said to beware of anybody who comes to your door and says they need to come in to repair or inspect.  Always ask for ID.  If they are in a private vehicle that is a tip off.  Call 911 right away.  Also, take care to hide any signs of mobile devices in your car.  Do not keep your phone charger or gps mount where the can be seen.  If the crooks see those things they will break into your car to find the phone or gps.

The next meeting of the 15th District PSA1 will be on January 28th at 7 PM at Aria Hospital.