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2015 Developments in Frankford

This is a short list of things that are happening:

Aria Health System will join Jefferson – When the union is complete in 2016, this should ensure the continued availability of a neighborhood hospital in Frankford.

SEPTA construction at Pratt and Frankford – After a somewhat contentious debate, the project to build a back up operations center will also include some commercial development opportunities.

Amuneal expanded their operation onto Torresdale Avenue – The specialty company needed additional space for their operations and took over a building at 4243 Torresdale Ave. They will add a number of new jobs.

Frankford Library –  Replacement of the heating and air conditioning systems was completed in the Summer of 2015.

Land Bank – It took in over 50 properties in Frankford at the end of 2015 which should hasten their reuse.  This has been a project of Councilwoman Sanchez.

Demolition of the of Edgewater Dye Works – The building demo at 4080 Frankford Avenue began at the end of the year.  This is a brown fields site which has been earmarked for commercial development.

Arrott Transportation Center (Market Frankford Line) – Work includes major ADA enhancements with the installation of a new elevator from street level to platform level and two elevators from platform level to the east station overpass, construction of new platforms, tactile platform edging, handrails, guard rails, and new curb ramps and sidewalk paving. Station improvements include repair/replacement of stairways, new metal panels and tile wall finishes, roof replacement, new signage, lighting, and painting, new customer amenities including benches and trash receptacles, Art in Transit installation, new life safety, security and communications systems, new transformers, and new emergency generator. Project also includes ADA enhancements.

I-95 reconstruction comes to Frankford – The construction of the Betsy Ross bridge interchange will eventually bring improved access to the bridge and I-95 vie a connection at Torresdale and Adams Avenue.

5 new stores

5 new stores

5 New stores developed by PSDC – The project on Frankford Avenue at Fillmore Street was the old Frankford Rubber company and now has been nicely rehabbed and is waiting for the right tenants.  Up at Frankford and Harrison, Lee’s Deli moved next door and completely remodeled it.  Their old store on the corner was then completely done over and will open as a Chinese restaurant.  Lorenzo’s old shop is being taken over by Nation Care Inc. a home health care service provider.

Frankford and Harrison

Frankford and Harrison

Small business startups:

  • The Oxford Restaurant at 5349 Oxford Avenue which serves breakfast and lunch 7 days a week, opened early in 2015.  It has great reviews on Yelp.
  • Frankford Seafood and Soulfood opened at the end of 2015.  Click this link for a menu.
  • Kesha’s Kitchen opened in a newly remodeled storefront at 1621 Orthodox Street.  Click on this link for a menu.
Frankford Seafood and Soulfood - 4663 Frankford Avenue

Frankford Seafood and Soulfood – 4663 Frankford Avenue

Frankford Friends outdoor classroom – The planning stage and should break ground in the Spring.  With a lot of help from Councilwoman Sanchez, the project will occupy th is complete for the site of the demolished Central United Methodist Church and it will certainly transform the intersection of Orthodox and Griscom.

Kesha's Kitchen

Kesha’s Kitchen

Pop Up park – It is slated for Frankford and Paul Street but ran into a list of delays and is due to break ground in the Spring.  It will have a major impact on that part of Frankford Avenue.

Boys and Girls – The club saw many improvements in 2015.  Comcast Cares day brought in a large number of people to get many things done.  Improvements are continuing with the installation of new windows toward the end of the year.

4732 Gricom

4732 Griscom


  • 4732 Griscom rehabbing the building into 17 apartments and two stores has been ongoing.
  • 4834 Penn Street in the rear new construction of 19 one bedroom apartments.
  • Many other smaller projects are being done.
4834 Penn Street

4834 Penn Street

2015 was a busy year with more to come in 2016.