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No Holiday for Criminals in December

Mild weather in December was great for everybody including  criminals in PSA1 of the 15th District. Property crimes of burglary and theft from vehicles were up as the crooks too advantage of the good weather and open windows, to do there dastardly deeds.

You can see the detailed report at this link and below is a summary.  Look for these numbers to drop as the miscreants take some time off when the weather returns to its seasonal norm.

crime report

A word about this report is in order.  We take the data from OpenDataPhilly in raw form.  If you look closely at the details you will sometimes find things that look to be in error.  Its not too unusual to see an incident report followed shortly by another going to the same address for the same complaint.  We have no way to determine whether that is right or not, so we do not make any adjustments to the data.

There is a known flaw in the data when someone is shot and the crime is identified as aggravated assault. If the victim then dies at a later date, it remains on this report as aggravated assault.  There is no way for us to make that kind of correction.

If you want to find out more about crime and meet the police who patrol the PSA, come out to the next meeting at Aria Hospital on January 28th at 7PM.