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New Board Elected at 15th District PDAC Meeting

At the 15th PDAC (Police District Advisory Council) meeting on February 29th, Officer Sean Kennelly was recognized for his work on the Northwood burglary spree.

Officer Matt Crosson provided a summary of recent crime trends noting that thefts from vehicles continues to be a problem.  When arrests do take place the suspect is often out on bail quickly because of the relative low dollar value of the theft and then may go back to the activity.


Captain McCloskey discussed preparations for St. Patrick’s day in Mayfair which is a big money maker for the bars on the area and a potential problem for law enforcement.

A new board was elected with Joe Valecce as President, Phil Pappas as Vice President, Pete Specos as Treasurer and Barbara Rup as Secretary.

Pete Specos provided the treasurers report.  A budget of $4,000 was approved for 2016 projected expenses which includes Mayfair Day, Al Stark Community Day, police officers holiday dinners and the kids holiday party as well as partnering with Keep the Faith in Frankford in Dining With Dignity at St. Marks Church.

A vote was taken to donate $100 to support the city wide Cheers program.  Cheers is a police department program now under way that provides a 6 week Saturday activity for kids 8 to 16 at various locations throughout the city.  The donation will go toward awards given at the end of the program.

The next 15th PDAC meeting will be held at 7 PM on March 28th at the Mayfair Community Center at 2990 St. Vincent Street.