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February Crime Report for 15th District PSA1

The crime rate in PSA1, which includes Frankford/Northwood and Bridesburg, showed little change over past years for February.

There were two homicides however.  Arrests have already been made in the one on Penn Street on February 20th.  Excellent work by the officers who responded who located a video of the crime within 20 minutes of when the victim was found.  That provided the homicide detectives with a starting point which lead to the two suspects’ apprehension.

The date provided by OpenDataPhilly comes right from the police department and includes a category called “recovered stolen vehicles”.  I have backed that number out of the total because if the vehicle was stolen it is already reported under that category and it makes no sense to report it again.  Follow this link to a complete report on the details of the crimes including locations.

The weather has been warm and according to criminologists and common sense, that influences the crime rate.  We have made an attempt to correlate crime with weather in the chart below.  Looking at the average mean temperature for each month you can see that February of 2015 was the coldest February in the last 3 years.  February of 2014 was warmer and February of 2016 was the warmest.  The crime rate follows the same pattern.  Thanks to Jamie Fader.

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