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Veteran of the Month James Robson

Jim Robson was born in 1935 in Philadelphia with roots in Frankford.  He grew up around the 1100 jim robsonblock of Herbert Street and graduated from Frankford High School.  He then went on to Penn State where he specialized in horticulture.  A year after graduation, Uncle Sam came calling and he was drafted into the Army.

He went to basic training at Fort Dix in New Jersey and Fort Knox in Kentucky and was then assigned to Fort Eustis, Virginia as the company clerk because of his typing skills.

He served two years in the Army and used his leave time and the military transport service to take a 30 day leave to tour Japan.  He was honorably discharged and returned home to Philadelphia.

He worked at the Social Security Administration for a total of 20 years which included a 5 year sabbatical in Switzerland to work  in a Christian community.

In the early 70s he began to acquire real estate in Frankford.  It became a full time business and he now holds a number of properties of various types but all are located in the area around the 1600 block of Wakeling.  He still lives in the neighborhood and takes great pride in restoring and maintaining the homes that he owns.  He is known for treating his tenants fairly and is an example of what a good landlord should be.

Jim Robson, we thank you for your service.