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15th District PSA1 Meeting

The first question asked of Lt. Duane Gordon at the 15th District PSA1 meeting on June 23rd was about the string of homicides and aggravated assaults in the area of Bridge Street from Torresdale Avenue to Charles Street.  Lt. Gordon could not comment about the details of the investigation except to say that there are leads that are being investigated.

Ronald Ryan made a presentation on Town Watch and it was agreed that he would attend the Frankford Forward meeting on July 27th to train their participants.  Stephen Bowne has been forming a town watch within that group and those members are ready for training.

Allen Leppert made a presentation on the Civilian Police Academy which allows civilians to learn more about police work by attending a multi week course at the police academy.  It is 2 hours per week for 13 weeks beginning on September 7th.  For further information, contact Allen through the Gazette at

A Margaret Street resident complained about lack of enforcement by police of parking and extreme noise violations in that area.

Joe Krause raised the issue of two armed robberies in Northwood in June.  Residents want a dedicated patrol in that area.  Lt. Gordon said this is an issue for Tactical who will then put out plain clothes cops into the area.  Krause was not entirely satisfied with that response.

Lt. Gordon spoke about the problem of making arrests only to see the suspects out on bail the next day.  He says citizens have to monitor what the judges do after the arrest is made in order to see how the system works.  Judges are elected officials.

The next 15th District PSA1 meeting will be held on July 14th at Aria Hospital at 7 PM.  This is earlier than usual in the month and had to be rescheduled due to the Democratic National Convention being held at the end of the month.