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Another Undiscovered Sit Down Restaurant in Frankford

It is hard to believe but we have uncovered another sit down restaurant in Frankford that somehow has been kept a secret.  Located at 4507 Frankford Avenue, it seats at least 30 people and has a good crowd outside apparently waiting to get in.  Its conveniently located next to the Nurturing Nest Learning Academy.

4507 frankford edit

The picture below is a little fuzzy but it says “License Type: Restaurant Liquor

4507 frankford


And from the Information Booklet for retail licenses date 06/15 it says: Restaurant Liquor (R) In order to qualify for a restaurant liquor license, the establishment must be a reputable place habitually and principally used for the purpose of providing food for the public. The establishment shall have an area within a building of not less than 400 square feet and must be equipped with tables and chairs to accommodate at least 30 persons at one time.

I haven’t seen a menu yet but we’ll try to get one.  The space for the tables looks kind of tight too unless they’re in the basement.  Well if the food is that good, it should be no problem.