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Frankford Restaurant Review – Oxford Restaurant

Contrasting with our recent tongue in cheek series of reviews of beer stores claiming to be restaurants, there really are some places to eat in Frankford and this is the first on the list.

The Oxford Restaurant opened up in the building where the Cintoli Music store was for many years at 5349 Oxford Avenue.  It has all 5 star reviews on Yelp.

It is all new inside, sparkling clean with waitress service and has a rest room for customers.  The owner and his wife greet you cordially as you come in since he is cooking right up in front.  If you ever wondered what they are doing with your order in the kitchen, you will be able to see it first hand at the Oxford.

They do a brisk business in take out but have seating at tables and also at the counter for about 35.  They are open from 630 AM till 230 PM, so its mainly a breakfast and lunch place.  Some menu items: omelettes, creamed chipped beef, home fries, grits, eggs, pancakes, waffles, hoagies, cheese steaks, salads, crab cakes, salmon steaks, burgers and more.  The coffee is good and they serve bottled drinks.  They don’t take credit but do have an ATM.

It’s well worth a trip up Oxford Avenue.  Next week we’ll be right off of Frankford Avenue on Orthodox Street at Kesha’s.