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Citizens Planning Institute

A tip from Ellie Devyatkin, Commercial Corridor Manager, Frankford Community Development Corporation

The Citizens Planning Institute (CPI) is the education and outreach arm of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission.

CPI’s main programming is a seven-week course that empowers citizens to take a more effective and active role in shaping the future of their neighborhoods and of Philadelphia through a greater understanding of city planning and the steps involved in development projects. The course includes six evening classes: three introductory classes on planning issues and principles, land use and zoning, and the development process; and three electives, the topics for which change every session.

The course runs every Spring and Fall.  Each participant is also required to complete a final project in order to earn their Certificate of Completion as a Philadelphia Citizen Planner, which they receive at a public ceremony.

The application period for the fall session of the Citizens Planning Institute has opened.

Who might want to take this course?  Any Frankford resident interested in economic development.  If you go to the NAC zoning meetings this would be a natural.  If you want jobs to come to Frankford and want to be a part of that process, this is for you.  If you are active in a civic association, it would be beneficial to your group.

See this link for course information and cost.  Yes it does have a cost but if you represent a group, get them to foot the bill.