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Frankford Civic Takes on 311

The Frankford Civic Association met on September 1st with another group of new residents attending.

Franklin Daniel presented a first draft of the new mission statement for the group with discussion following.  More work is to be done before it is formally adopted.

The crime report for August shows an overall drop in crime in PSA1 but a significant increase in violent crimes and crime with guns.

311 reports:

  • Report made on 1841 Ruan Street.  the property had been sealed but vandals had taken off the covering on the second floor window for entry. 311 referred it to L&I who inspected it and found the report unfounded.  It has been resubmitted.
  • Report on the weeds growing 3 feet high on the Margaret side of the Harding Middle School property was made.  L&I did inspect and sent a notice to the owner.  A second visit has been made and the weeds continue to grow.  The next step is supposed to be compliance or court action.
  • Report on the property at 4101 Paul Street (formerly the Platinum Bar).  The property was cited for a violation.  This is a bar being renovated.  It has a pending liquor license which will become active when the renovations are complete.

New issues:

  • Car dealers on Torresdale Avenue park their cars for sale on the sidewalk. This has been an issue for years and will require a great deal of work to get corrected.
  • Partnership with the Ray of Hope project and working with Frankford Forward to do block cleanups.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on Thursday, October 6th at 7 PM at St. Marks Church at 4442 Frankford Avenue.