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The Frankford Gazette and the Frankford Civic Association Honors Block Captains

The Frankford Gazette and the Frankford Civic Association honored Ray Gant of The Ray of Hope Project for his contribution over the last 14 years in community cleanups not only in Frankford but throughout the city. Area block captains were also honored at the meeting on October 6th at St. Mark’s Church. Block captains in Frankford, Northwood and throughout the city play an important part in mobilizing the community to work on clean up projects. In addition, they are an important conduit for disseminating information in the neighborhood. As we continue to mobilize our community for the betterment of all, block captains play a very important role.

We were honored to have Stephanie Robinson, Foreman Crew Chief and Relief Supervisor, and Diana Oliveros, Bilingual Clean Block Officer, from the Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee join us to present the awards.

If you are a block captain or know a block captain that could not attend the meeting, please email and we will see that they get their award. Congratulations to all of our block captains and residents who are striving to make Frankford sparkle and shine!!

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on Thursday, November 3rd at 7 PM at St. Mark’s Church at 4442 Frankford Avenue.

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