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Happy Veterans Day To Frankford’s Veterans and Their Families.

Frankford has a long tradition of military service.  This is a list of the veterans we have identified so far.  If you know of a name that should appear here, email with the information. *indicates deceased veteran.  **indicates veteran died in the line of duty.

John R. Abel Jr., Marines
Stanley Adams, Marines
Tillman Avery*, Navy
Eugene Baldwin Jr.*, Air Force
Harry L. Barr*, Army
Robert Barrett*, Army
John Bates*, Marines
Lennan Bates*, Marines
Tom Barland, Army
Tyrik Bell, Marines
Voci Bennett, Army
James Berry*, Army
John Berry, Army
Kenny Berry*, Army
William Berry*, Army
Bill Beverly, Army
Bernadette Birch, Army
James Birch*, Army
Roger Birch*, Navy
Tony Birch, Army
John Blackiston*, Marines
Ron Borum, Army
Richard Boston, Air Force
William Bounds, Air Force
Harold Bowen*, Army
Howard Bowen, Army
Wayne Bowen, Army
Calvin Boyd, Air Force
Ricky Boyd, Army
Darrell  Bradsberry, Army
Charles Brady, Army
Jeffrey Brantley*, Army
Kim Brantley, Army
Leon   Brantley, Army
Leonard Brantley*, Navy
Mike Brennan*, Army
John  Brophy, Air Force
John W. Brophy*, Navy
Walter Brock*, Army
Gloria J. Brook , Army
Albert W. Brooks*, Army
James Brooks, Army
John Henry Brooks, Army
Kenny Brooks, Army
Robert Brown, Army
Doug Bryant, Air Force
Linwood Budd*, Army
Andre Burke, Marines
Frederick Burke*, Navy
Kareem Burke, Navy
Kenneth Burke, Army
Robert Burke, Marines
Cordell Butler, Marines
Jessie Butler*, Army
Harold G. (Butch) Byer*, Army
Jim Bynum, Army
Louis Carleo, Air Force
Clancey Carr Jr., Army
Christine Carter, Navy
Curt Carter, Navy
Ollie Carter, Marines
Winston Charleston, Army
Frank Cherry, Army
Jon   Clodfelter, Army
Clayton Cole , Marines
Clayton Cole Jr., Navy
Floyd R. Coleman, Marines
Harry Collins, Navy
Jerry Collins, Navy
John Collins, Army
Paul Collins, Army
Robert Collins, Army
Donald A. Cosby, Navy
Donald M. Cosby, Navy
Eric Cosby, Navy
Henry Cosby, Army
Melvin Cosby, Navy
Joseph Costtello, Army
Allen  Craig, Navy
Arthur  Craig, Navy
Sonny  Craig*, Navy
Edward  Crenshaw, Navy
Freddie Crenshaw, Army
Lowell Dandridge, Army
Emanuel Daniel, Army
Charles W. Daut**, Marines
Louis Dawkins, Marines
Franklin Daniel, Army
Kelly Debman, Army
George Dennis, Army
George Dennis, Air Force
Louis Dennis, Army
Louis Dennis, Navy
Don Donaldson, Army
Don Donaldson, Marines
William Dorsey*, Army
Terren Durham, Navy
Skeet Ellis*, Army
Albert   Fairhurst, Army
Daniel Fairhurst, Army
Fred Fairhurst, Army
James Fairhurst, Navy
Larraine Fairhurst, Navy
William M. Fairhurst**, Army
Walter Fenton, Army
Joseph J.  Ferraro Jr., Marines
Joseph J.  Ferraro Sr., Marines
William Ferry**, Army
William (Junie) Fletcher*, Army
Donna T. Flowers Travers, Army
Clarence Forrest*, Army
Doctor Forrest*, Army
Nathan Forrest*, Marines
Simmy Forrest, Army
Jeffrey Keith Foster, Army
Larry Fowler, Marines
Gene Furgenson*, Army
James Gary, Army
Ronald Gayle Sr., Navy
Angela Gayle  , Navy
Charles J. Gibilterra**, Army
Henry Haskin, Army
Thomas Haskin, Army
Henry Haskin Jr., Army
John Heard, Air Force
Joseph M. Henry, Marines
Sam   Hicks, Army
Vernon O. Higgins, Marines
Victor Higgins*, Army
Francis T. Hill, Army
Gerald Hill, Army
Nolan Hill*, Army
Joseph H. Hobson*, Army
Paul Hodge*, Army
Wesley Hodge , Army
Paul Hodges*, Army
Joe Holiday, Army
James Honesty*, Marines
Melvin Honesty, Army
Carl A. Hunt*, Army
Robert  Hunt, Air Force
Wayne  Hunt, Air Force
Bill Jackson, Army
Edward Jackson*, Army
Kevin Jackson, Army
William Jackson, Army
Kenny James*, Army
Leonard James, Army
William James*, Army
Mike Jennings*, Army
Andrew Johnson*, Army
James Johnson*, Army
Phillip Johnson*, Army
Richard D. Johnson, Navy
Richard W. Johnson, Army
Russell Johnson, Army
Samuel Johnson*, Navy
Wallace Johnson, Army
Brenda Jones, Army
Corey Jones*, Army
Justin Jones, Army
Willie Jones*, Army
Tom Keane, Army
Edward Keith, Army
Richard Kennedy, Army
Martin King, Navy
Darrly Lampkin, Marines
Jamie Lampkin, Army
William Lampkin*, Army
Adolph Lang, Marines
Floyd   Lang, Marines
James Lang, Marines
Clarence E. Lewis*, Army
Donald Lewis, Army
Gary Lewis*, Army
Gregory Lewis, Army
Guy D. Lewis, Army
Henry Lewis*, Army
Keff Lewis, Navy
Nathan Lewis, Army
Paul Lewis*, Army
Maynard B. Lott, Army
James Madden, Army
Barry Marblex, Army
Erin McAvoy, Navy
Thomas A. McAvoy, Marines
Tom McAvoy, Army
Calvester McCoy*, Army
Russell McCoy*, Army
Brian McFarland, Air Force
Bill McGeehan, Air Force
Francis J. McGrath*, Army
Joseph McGuigan, Army
Russell Mcoy*, Army
Benjamin Miller*, Marines
Robert Miller, Army
Calvester Montgomery*, Army
John Montgomery, Army
John Montgomery, Army
Tommy Nash*, Army
Jose D. Negron, Air Force
Joseph Newman*, Army
Earl (Wayne) Niblock, Marines
Angelita Nix*, Marines
William M. Parker*, Marines
Raymond W. Perry Jr., Navy
Walter G. Pierce, Army
Arron Pittman, Navy
Charles Pittman, Air Force
Thomas Pittman,
Nathan Porter, Navy
Fred A. Prescott*, Army Air Corps.
Fred C.  Prescott, Air Force
William Pryor*, Army
Charles Randolph Sr.*, Army
Wallace Randolph*, Army
William Randolph, Army
Charles Randolph Jr., Army
Robert C. Randolph Jr.*, Marines
Doctor Reddman, Army
Walter Rice, Army
Higgins Richard G., Air Force
David Rivera, Army
Jonathan Rivera, Air Force
Shelly Roberson, Army
Nathan Robinson*, Army
Phil  Robinson, Army
Robert Rose, Marines
Jimmy Salamatin, Army
Daniel Savage**, Army
Timmy Salamatin, Marines
James Scott, Army
Silas Sharp, Navy
Warren H. Siegmann*, Navy
Gilford D. Smiley*, Coast Guard Reserve
Joseph  Smiley, Air Force
Robert Smiley, Air Force
Kevin Sorden, Army
Jane Sorendino, Army
David Taylor, Army
Henry J. Taylor*, Navy
Joe Taylor, Navy
Joseph H. Taylor, Navy
William Tenant, Army
Gregory Thomas, Marines
Tyrone G. Thomas*, Army
Jeffrey Thomas, Army
Gene Turner, Marines
Joseph Turner*, Army
Thornton Turner, Army
Joseph Turner  , Army
Robert Turner Sr.*, Marines
Harold M. Vaughan*, Marines
Harold Vaughn Jr.*, Marines
Bill Volz, Army
Richard Whitaker, Army
Henry Whitmore*, Army
Alphonso Whitmore, Army
Leonard Whitmore, Army
Calvin Wilkerson, Army
John E. Wilkerson, Army
Melvin Wilkerson, Army
Karl Wilkinson, Navy
Allen  Williams, Army
Charles Williams, Army
Felicia Williams*, Navy
Jessie Williams*, Navy
Lawrence Williams, Marines
Melvin Williams, Army
Robert Williams*, Army
Antonio Wilson, Army
Lloyd C. Wilson**, Army
Maxwell J. Wright, Air Force
Sylvester E. Wright, Navy
Barry E. Young , Army
Walter Young Jr., Army