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Power Circle Offers a Path to the Youth of the Community

The Power Circle is a program for youth.   Every Tuesday at the Frankford Boys and Girls Club they gather at 5:30 PM for a dinner and program.  Its aimed at kids 14 to 18 but as you can see by the picture there are a lot of older folks there too.  They might be called mentors.

It was put together by Nafisah Lewis and Buddah Thomas to give the kids somewhere to go for a positive influence.

After the socializing and dinner, its introductions and a program by a guest or two.  They aim at people who have been a success to show that there is a way up.  The night I visited the guest speakers were Fee and Maleek Jackson.

This is another unique program that makes its home at the Boys and Girls Club on Kinsey Street.  All of this makes the building a real community hub in East Frankford.  Its the center of activity and there is nothing like it anywhere else in Frankford.