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Tour the Northeast Frankford Boys and Girls Club

We took a tour of the Northeast Frankford Boys and Girls Club last week to see what the renovations look like that have going on for the last year.  I get in there at least once a month but never have the time to stop and look around at everything.

Besides all the interior improvements, all the windows have been replaced and that was a huge job.  There was a lot of concrete work done outside.  The gym had no heat and that was resolved.

Inside, the building has been upgraded from top to bottom, including the basement.  The kitchen is not finished yet but the work is in progress.  The new John and Katie Ericksen Family Literacy Center, the Kids Café, STEM Learning Lab and Technology Center at the Club are all shown in the video below.

Its not easy to call anything in an old building like this beautiful but the old metal ceilings up on the second floor have been restored and, yes, they are beautiful.

Northeast Frankford Boys and Girls Club restored ceiling

Change came to the Northeast Frankford Boys and Girls club with the arrival of the new CEOs of the Boys and Girls Cubs of Philadelphia in 2012.  Joseph & Lisabeth Marziello have had a profound impact of the lives of the children in Frankford.

See the short video below to hear Denise Matza and Donald Travers on a tour of the club.


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NE Frankford Boys and Girls Club – Sharif Debnam Hero of the Week

A big congratulations to Sharif Debnam.  He greets me every time I deliver the Gazette to the club.  He makes everyone feel welcome when they walk in there. Below is the citation from the club’s Facebook page.

Hero of the Week is Sharif Debnam! Sharif has been a part of the Boys & Girls Club movement for 17 years! Sharif has been at the Northeast Frankford Club for all this time and has truly become an integral part of the Northeast Frankford Club!

Sharif does it all, from the front desk, to data collection, to mentoring our youth. The Club would not be the same without him and we all want him to know how much he is appreciated! Thank you Sharif for all you do for all youth!

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Power Circle Offers a Path to the Youth of the Community

The Power Circle is a program for youth.   Every Tuesday at the Frankford Boys and Girls Club they gather at 5:30 PM for a dinner and program.  Its aimed at kids 14 to 18 but as you can see by the picture there are a lot of older folks there too.  They might be called mentors.

It was put together by Nafisah Lewis and Buddah Thomas to give the kids somewhere to go for a positive influence.

After the socializing and dinner, its introductions and a program by a guest or two.  They aim at people who have been a success to show that there is a way up.  The night I visited the guest speakers were Fee and Maleek Jackson.

This is another unique program that makes its home at the Boys and Girls Club on Kinsey Street.  All of this makes the building a real community hub in East Frankford.  Its the center of activity and there is nothing like it anywhere else in Frankford.

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Frankford Boys and Girls Club Needs Your Help

The Northeast Frankford Boy’s and Girl’s Club Advisory Council  is asking the community of Frankford to help us support the children of our community with our ” Future Leaders Of Tomorrow” drawing/ raffle at the Lloyd Wilson Jr. Post on Sat. July 9th.2016 @ 9 pm at 2006 Orthodox St.  Donations benefit educational programs and building renovations.  ALL ARE WELCOME.

1st. Prize….$200
2nd. Prize…$100
3rd Prize…..$50

George F Taylor, chairman, Steve Whitmore, vice chairman