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15th District PSA1 January Meeting

There were a lot of topics covered at the PSA1 meeting on January 26th.

  • Ronald Ryan ran down the list of Town Watch activities coming up for the next few months.  Announcement of the dates and time will come when all is finalized.
  • No word yet on the possible PAL center that could be coming back to Frankford.  When the old location was forced to relocate it moved out of Frankford.  It has lost its home again and has looked at space back here. Let’s hope for the best outcome and that we see the PAL once again having a positive influence on the youth of the community.
  • A resident of Margaret Street complained about illegal parking on his block near Harding.  The police do not come to ticket cars when the are called.  Lt. Gordon said this is an issue of priorities and that there may be a better way to handle it by getting permit parking on the block.  The resident said they had tried that with no success.  Rep. Jason Dawkins offered to have his staff work with the residents to get the application approved.
  • Dawkins announced that his office and staff have moved into the Daral building on Paul Street.
  • The block captain from Worth Street across from Globe Dye works complained about illegal parking on the block mainly caused by the many used car lots and body shops in the area.  They crowd out the residents.  She says it is completely out of hand.
  • Lt. Gordon noted the upswing in burglary attempts in Northwood again.  An ounce of prevention can help prevent those things.  Safety check your house for unlocked windows, broken locks on the windows and anything outside that would help the burglar get into a window.  See the post at this link for more.

The next meeting of the 15th District PSA1 groups will be on February 23rd at 7 PM at Aria Jefferson Hospital.