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Three Homicides in January

There were 3 homicides in January which is not the best way to start out a new year.  Its not a record, however, in March of 2016 and March of 2015 there were also 3 homicides.

The killings are believed to be related to drug activity in this area.  That is not to say that they are not important.  Any life that is lost is significant.

The chart below is a summary of major crimes.  This data comes from opendataphilly and Chris Sawyer’s Philly Blotter app.  Both are invaluable sources of information.

Philly Blotter is very user friendly and links the crime data from opendataphilly to court system records.  This lets you know when an arrest has been made for a particular crime and the disposition of the case.

You can see a more complete report at this link.