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District Attorney’s Office Seeks Volunteers

The District Attorney’s Office is seeking volunteers to serve with our Youth Aid Panel program.

The DA’s Office is proud to have been diverting young people from the juvenile justice system through the Youth Aid Panel Program (YAP) since 1987. YAP gives first time offenders the opportunity to appear before a panel of community volunteers, instead of going into the juvenile court system. A juvenile who completes the contract terms given by their panel will avoid the stigma and adverse effects of a juvenile record by having their records automatically expunged.

YAP has a tremendous success rate of deterring youthful offenders from committing further delinquent acts. We are proud to say that thousands of juveniles have successfully completed this program and become successful Philadelphia citizens.

If you are interested in volunteering to help reduce juvenile crime in Philadelphia, visit for more information and to download an application. You can also call (215) 686-7600/6305/7620. Applications are due by March 8, 2017.