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Frankford Civic Talks 4200 Torresdale Avenue

Frankford Civic  Association meeting on March 2nd took up the pending application for a special exception zoning variance at 4200 Torresdale Avenue.  Local residents received notice of the ZBA hearing to be held on March 15th.  The application reads as follows: SPECIAL EXCEPTION FOR THE INSTALLATION OF ONE (1) STATICALLY ILLUMINATED FLAT-WALL SIGN AND THE DOCUMENTATION OF THE ERECTION OF THREE (3) AWNINGS (NO SIGNAGE) AND STAIRS & RAMP IN RIGHT-OF-WAY (PROPERTY IS LOCATED IN THE AREA FLOOD ZONE). SIZE AND LOCATION AS SHOWN IN APPLICATION. FOR USE AS PERSONAL VEHICLE REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE WITH ACCESSORY SIGNAGE.

The Frankford NAC will hear a presentation from the owner of the property at their meeting on March 9th.  Any resident who received a copy of the notice should attend that meeting which will be held at 2nd Baptist Church at 1801 Meadow Street at 7 PM.

Car dealer cars parking on the 4800 block of Oxford Avenue has been discussed at previous meetings.  At the latest walk through the parking of cars without licenses was down to one.  There is a lot of transient parking however which is to be expected in that area.  

The Frankford NAC heard a presentation at the January meeting by ArtisanSmiles, a dental practice, who wants to open up a full service office at 4821 Frankford Avenue.  The NAC had to delay a vote on the issue due to a problem with the posting of the zoning notice.

A new Verizon wireless store opened up at Frankford Avenue and Foulkrod Street.  That is good news for the area.

The Daral building has seen the Frankford CDC, NAC and Representative Jason Dawkins move in.  Good news for that intersection of Paul and Frankford Avenue.

Kim Washington, Christine DeJesus and Pat Smiley at the new office of the Frankford CDC in the Daral Building.

The owners of 4150 Kensington llc attended the meeting to discuss their interest in using the corner of their property at Adams Avenue and Kensington Avenue for used car sales.  The folks attending spoke about concerns the community might have should they look for a zoning variance.  At present the lot is zoned residential since it actually fronts on Adams Avenue.  They were advised to contact the Frankford NAC for further guidance.


Kat Hardy of Senator Tartaglione’s office attended and announced the office will be offering SEPTA KEY application help to seniors.  The new card will be necessary when SEPTA KEY is operational to ride for free.  They will take your picture, help with the application and send it to SEPTA for you.  SEPTA will then process your application and send you the new card in the mail.  You need to bring your id with you when you come to the office.  Whatever you use to ride SEPTA will will do it.

The next meeting of the Frankford Civic Association will be held on April 6th at 7 PM at St. Mark’s Church, 4442 Frankford Avenue.