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A guest Opinion from John V. Buffington

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Trump’s Delusion of Persecution


Donald Trump recently declared that “no politician in history has been treated more unfairly.” Really?

It wasn’t more unfair for John Wilkes Booth to kill Abraham Lincoln months after the Gettysburg Address, when it was clear that Lincoln meant to knit the country back together on terms that would have been generous to the defeated Confederates?

Was it maybe a little unfair for James Garfield to be killed by a fool who wanted a job when Garfield was trying to set up something like the modern civil service system?

How about Russian sympathizer Lee Harvey Oswald murdering John F. Kennedy months after JFK barely steered the world through the Cuban Missile Crisis, backing down Russian dictator Nikita Khrushchev?

Does any of that sound a little more unfair than Press reports on the misbehavior of trump and his backers?

But wait –there’s more.

Trump didn’t say “any American politician in history”, he said “any politician”. So Mahatma Ghandi’s assassination wasn’t a wee bit more unfair than criticism of trump? How about the hundreds of democratic politicians from all over continental Europe that died in Hitler’s concentration camps?

Thousands of politicians have been killed for standing for the opposite of Trumpery. It is time to start calling “Alternative Facts” what they are: Lies.

John Buffington

This is the first of a series including prequels on Trump’s claim that his inauguration was the biggest ever. the howler about Barack Obama not being an American citizen, and the refusal to show tax returns.

John Buffington is a recovering Republican living in the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia.

1 thought on “A guest Opinion from John V. Buffington

  1. I’ll start by saying that I’m no fan of our current President. But, when you parse his words, this is what you get? I think you know that Trump is talking specifically about how he’s treated by the press. Yes, a lot of this mistreatment is his own doing, and as far as I’m concerned, you reap what you sow. But, what I find objectionable in your opinion is that from Trump’s statement, you start comparing his treatment by the press to Presidential assassinations or Hitler’s concentration camps. It’s hard for me to believe that you didn’t know he was talking about how the press treats him. It’s that kind of intellectual and political dishonesty that has turned Philadelphia, and Frankford (where I lived for over 50 years) into the crap sandwich that it is now.

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