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Frankford Civil War Monument is 150 Years Old on July 4th

The Frankford Civil War Monument, officially the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, was dedicated on July 4, 1867 and will be 150 years old this year.  It commemorates those from the 23rd ward in Philadelphia who died in the war.  Frankford was the major population center of the 23rd ward and it residents played a significant part.

If you are looking for a non commercial way to spend some time, go up to Cedar Hill Cemetery and have a look.  Use the Cheltenham Avenue entrance and follow the roadway down toward Bridge Street.


Parts of it are now illegible due to weathering but read the report below, from the Philadelphia Ledger dated August of 1871, to see what it was all about.  It gives the complete list of the names on the monument.  You may find someone you know.

South Face

This column, erected by the joint contributions of Company D First California regiment, 71st Pennsylvania Volunteers and the citizens of the 23rd ward, to commemorate the services of the heroic dead who fought to crush treason and rebellion and gave their lives that their country might live. Dedicated July 4th, 1867.

“For there fell down many slain, because this war was of God.”  1st Chronicles, 5, 22.

121st Pennsylvania volunteers

Sergeant Charles F. Newman, hospital


William H. Wright, hospital

Daniel Miller, Gettysburg

William Spear, Gettysburg

Robert Ray, Gettysburg

R.H. Copeland, Gettysburg

John Thelle (Thiele), Gettysburg

Thomas Stone, Andersonville 1

Peter McAnally, Andersonville

James Hilton, Andersonville

John Taylor, Andersonville

James Peirce, Andersonville

Albert Clymer, Hospital

Dennis Hayes, Hospital

James W. A. Bishop, Fredericksburg

Edward Morin, Fredericksburg

Robert Kay, Fredericksburg

John Thorn, Fredericksburg

James Burk, Fredericksburg

James Bolton, Richmond

John Gilberson, Belle Plain

Thomas Kirkwood, Belle Plain

Alfred Wondorly, Belle Plain

Thomas Roan, Salisbury

Charles H. Cooper, Salisbury

Thomas Stott, Salisbury

Alfred Whitehead, Salisbury

James  McDowell, Frankford

Michael Schuster, Frankford

Joseph Johnson, Hospital

John W. Lees, Petersburg

Robert Lindsey, Petersburg

John Susby, Washington

Abner B. Miller, Philadelphia

William Allen, Belle Isle


Hyattstown, Maryland

Antietam, Maryland

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Bristoe Station, Virginia

Bethesda Church, Virginia

Cold Harbor, Virginia

South Side Railroad, Virginia

Five Forks, Virginia

East Face

“But with us was the Lord our God to help us and to fight our battles.” 2nd Chronicles 32, 8.

114th Regiment Pennsylvania volunteers

Sergeant David E. Edgar, Chancellorsville


James K.P. Ryan, Chancellorsville

Charles Mahan, Chancellorsville

Vanliere Bond, Chancellorsville

Joshua L. Wood, Gettysburg

John Galloway, Gettysburg

George Vanhart, Fredericksburg

David Hutchinson, Fredericksburg

Nathan Kelsey, Fredericksburg

Samuel Rodgers, Fredericksburg

Edward Simmons

160 Regiment Pennsylvania volunteers

William Martin, Spotsylvania

David Allen, Andersonville

George Barber, Savage Station

William Blackburn, Savage station

William McMullen, Hospital

George Rice, Petersburg

Louis Lester, Petersburg

A. Dungan, Hospital

Bendingo Howarth, Hospital

T. Donlon, Weehawken

John Johnson, Weehawken

James Ferry, Weehawken

John Hart, Harriet Lane (ship),

Frederick Putt, Fort Fisher

26th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers

Lt. D. Potts, 2nd Bull Run


William Fairhurst, Chancellorsville

William M. Gordon, Gettysburg


William Reynolds, Andersonville

Michael Moras, Andersonville

95th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers

James Crocket, Gaines’ Hill

Samuel Deardon, Spottsylvania

William Castor, Spottsylvania

James Reese, Spottsylvania

John Reed, Cedar Creek

Wilbur R. Walton, Sail Creek

Theodore Crocker, Cold Harbor

List of Engagements

71st Pennsylvania Volunteers

Baltimore Riot, Maryland

Falls Church, Virginia

Balls Bluff, Virginia

Fair Oaks, Virginia

Peach Orchard, Virginia

Savage Station, Virginia

Malvern Hill, Virginia

Chantilly, Virginia

Fredericksburg, Virginia

Antietam, Virginia

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Mine Run, Virginia

Morton’s Run, Virginia

Wilderness, Virginia

P. O. Run, Virginia

North Face

In honor of our

Fallen Heroes.

Died for their Country.

California Regiment, 71st Pennsylvania Volunteers Company D

Colonel E. D. Baker, Bold Bluff

Captain Jacob T. Smallwood, Fort Fisher

Lieutenant Joseph Williams, Ball’s Bluff

Lieutenant B. Frank Hibbs, Spotsylvania

Lieutenant William Wilson, Antietam

Sergeant John Tease, Po River

Corporal Sewall Randall, Ball’s Bluff

Corporal Elijah Hunt, Harpers Ferry

Corporal Lewis Evans, Frankford


John Stott, Ball’s Bluff

John Castor, Balls Bluff

Robert Smith, Ball’s Bluff

David Chipman, Ball’s Bluff

William Wilkinson, Fair Oaks

Richard Hartley, Fair Oaks

John Williams, Fair Oaks

Thomas Pilling, Antietam

Wallace Shaw, Wilderness

Rudolph Price, Wilderness

Robert Lesher, Gettysburg

William Brown, Gettysburg

George Gregson, Frankford

Barney Williams, Andersonville

John Gibson, Frankford

William Batt, Richmond

Joseph Batt, Harpers Ferry

George Lever, Newport News

Anthony McArlain, Newport News

Richard Standing, Newport News

Adam Hefer, Newport News

Charles Layton, Newport News

Henry Castor, Newport News

John Fulton, Newport News

Thomas Parker, Newport News

Nicholas Carty, Newport News

James S. Hurling, Newport News

West Face

I have pursued my enemies and overtaken them; Val has subdued under me those that moves up against me. Psalms 17, 87, 39.

28th regiment Pennsylvania volunteers


Charles Wonderly, Antietam

Ruport Carney, Dallas, Georgia

William Baxendine,, Hospital

James Armstead, Hospital

Albert Smith, Hospital

Isaac Hilt, Hospital

James Butcher, Gettysburg

James Donley, Philadelphia

Lieutenant George Bragg, 8th Pennsylvania cavalry

Sergeant H. Vandergrift, 3rd New Jersey

Corporal Lewis Hong, 3rd New Jersey


John W Somers, First New Jersey

William E. Hope, 112th Pennsylvania Volunteers

George Baxendine, 73rd Pennsylvania Volunteers

William H. Wordell, 15th Illinois

William Carnell, 20th Pennsylvania Volunteers

James Elliott, 6th Pennsylvania Volunteers

James Shaw, 5th New York

J. A. Duncan, 73rd Pennsylvania Volunteers

List of engagements 71st Pennsylvania volunteers

Siege of Yorktown Virginia,

Siege of Richmond Virginia, 1862

White Oak swamp, Virginia

Chancellorsville, Robertson’s Tavern


Siege of Richmond, 1865.


Thanks to Bob and Kate D’Imperio for this invaluable image.


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  1. I used to walk through that cemetery with my dad as a young boy and he would point out the graves of the civil war soldiers that died in the war.

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