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Northwood Civic Scores a Big Win Against Blight

Congratulations to Joe Krause and the Northwood Civic Association on their big victory over EverBank of Jacksonville, Florida, the owner of 1301 Wakeling Street.  At a court hearing on October 19th, Scioli Turco was appointed conservator of the property. Immediate improvements will begin to be made to the outside of the property and the home will be repaired inside and out to be marketed for sale as a single family home in the coming months.

Scioli Turco is a community and neighborhood development organization who works on behalf of neighborhoods to take over blighted properties and return them to the market when the owners cannot or will not do so.

This case goes back to April 16th, 2016 when the first hearing was held and the judge ordered the owner to do the repairs and get the house on the market for sale by June 1st.  They did not comply but managed to forestall the conservatorship for almost a year and a half.

2 thoughts on “Northwood Civic Scores a Big Win Against Blight

  1. Scioli Turco has engaged Steve’s Landscaping to clean up and maintain the exterior of the property starting November 2 and continuing until the case is. closed. Parties interested in purchasing the property can call Joel Palmer at 215-574 5050. Judge will likely take until January 2018 to close the case.

  2. Scioli Turco will need the services of a contractor skilled in re- stuccoing the entire residence and garage. Please contact us as we wll begin in February, weather permitting 215 574 5050

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