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Skateboard Company Pays it Forward

A few years ago, after passing the skateboard park at Carmella Playground for the 1,000th time, I stopped by there to take some pictures.  It was no big deal but I ended up staying two hours, watching the kids do their thing.  They are the best of the lot, honing their skills there rather than down at Love Park.  It was news to me, but this is a serious sport and some of our local guys, John Valentin, is right up there with the best.

A small company in the skateboarding world, is trying to have a big impact on kids by rewarding them with a skateboard for writing an essay on what it means to pay it forward.

Sk8Skins is small, self-funded company reaching out at the grassroots level. They are looking for financial help through IndieGoGo to offset the cost of design and manufacturing the skateboards to pass on to the kids. The fundraising drive is in progress now.    More information is available at or go directly to this this link for the fundraising page.