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Catch a Stagecoach on Frankford Avenue

The Historical Society of Frankford Presents

1507 Orthodox Street

Philadelphia PA 19124

Stagecoach Travel Along the King’s Highway

With Charles Moody

November 14, 2017 7:30 PM

Charles will present the results of his research on stagecoach travel during the early 1800’s along the King’s Highway that connected Philadelphia with New York with some newly added content. Unpaved roads with deep ruts and tree stumps were common obstacles to a smooth ride. Toll gates and inns were prevalent and the journey’s progress was measured by roadside mile markers.

Some of the stops along Frankford Ave. included the Seven Stars Hotel, the Jolly Post, the Red Lion Inn and the Cedar Hill Hotel.

The 7 Stars Hotel – Frankford Avenue and Oxford Avenue – Now the site of the Citizens Bank

Refreshments served after the lecture

Admission Free-Donations accepted