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The Real Fountain of Youth

As we age, some of us remember growing up and thinking about how we viewed people in their 50’s or older; we used to think that 50 was old. But with so many advancements in science, research, and in the medical field, we are living much longer, and we are looking more youthful than ever, at older ages.

Research and science has given us so much information about what we can do to stay healthy as we age, that I am looking forward to reaching my age goal of 100 years old, and doing it as a physically and mentally healthy human being. Through my own research, I know that I can. And I have written a blog to share my research and findings with everyone who wishes to join me on my happy and healthy journey to 100 plus years old.  Follow the links below to find out more.

I’m already having the time of my life at 55, and can’t wait to enjoy each and everyday until my 56th birthday and beyond. Please come join my journey through my informational blogs. Hope to see your own comments and suggestions posted on each of them.

~Living and Loving Life~

Lisa A. Forrest (My blog site)