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Frankford High Shows Off Expanded Arts Curriculum

Thursday night was the big one for a lot of the students at Frankford High School as family, friends, alumni and the public streamed into the main entrance to take in the presentations.  The Program was well organized and used all of the first floor of the main building for every kind of display and performance starting at 5 PM.

This was the first of what is to be an annual event for the school.  I took a walk about for a half hour and recorded the videos below.  Alums who have not been to the school for a while might enjoy a walk down memory lane. The video does not show everything that would have taken the full 2 hours and I had to be at another meeting but I think I got a feel for it and recorded the Frankford Voices doing 2 songs, Shekynah Martin, Bre Reyes and Lalla Weems doing their songs.

There were video productions in the auditorium, more Frankford Voices, and other solos that I missed.  There should be other videos recorded by others out on social media.

Congratulations to Doctor Michael Calderone on a great job and to all those who worked so hard to put this together.

Looking forward to next year.

Part 1


Part 2