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NAC Zoning

At the Frankford NAC zoning meeting on January 11th, the people spoke and voted.  Here are the results.

5127 Duffield Street– Veterans housing 44 units- Denied. Applicant came to the community more than four years ago and they did not have a clear plan as what they wanted to do with the property and changed blueprints midspan. Then wanted to make it into section 8 housing.

5127 Duffield Street from Google Maps

1360 Brill Street– Applicant wanted a variance to have an open air parking spot next to her residence. Other homeowners have the same type of parking. No opposition; however, applicant will need a curb cut out.

1360 Brill Street from Google Street View

4930 Penn Street– 21 metal containers- 12 people came out to approve; however, a request was made to install privacy fence so people cannot see in and to adhere to business hours only.

4930 Penn Street

4684 Duffield StreetApproved by 4 people. 2 year proviso added, and applicant is to adhere to normal business hours.

4684 Duffield Street


4943 Penn Street – For a multi family living unit (4) with an existing structure. – PERMIT FOR A MULTI-FAMILY HOUSEHOLD LIVING (4 UNITS) WIHTIN AN EXISITING DETACHED STRUCTURE.  Case will be heard in February.

4563 Torresdale Avenue – Creation of 3 lot spaces into 1 OPA account. Space 1 and 3 to remain vacant and space 2 to be used as an auto repair shop. – PERMIT FOR CREATION OF THREE (3) TENANT SPACES (SPACES 1, 2 & 3) FROM ONE (1) TENANT SPACE ON 1ST FLOOR. SPACE # 2 – PROPOSED AUTO MECHANIC SHOP (NO SPRAY PAINTING) (PERSONAL VEHICLE REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE), SPACE # 1 AND # 3 TO REMAIN VACANT IN AN EXISTING STRUCTURE (SIZE AND LOCATION AS SHOWN IN THE APPLICATION).  The case will be heard in March.

The next Frankford NAC zoning meeting will be held on February 8th at 7 PM at 4667 Paul Street.