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Fly Frankford Fly

Frankford High School to become the Frankford High School Aviation Academy


When Doctor Michael Calderone, Principal of Frankford High School, got the call from downtown, he only hesitated for a second before saying “Yes”.  The offer to establish the Frankford High School Aviation Academy was exactly what he had been looking for, something new to offer non-college bound students since he became Frankford’s Principal in 2015.

Frankford already hosts the Junior ROTC and Culinary Arts programs but something else was needed.  This group of students need something to keep them engaged and most importantly get them on track to well-paying careers after graduation.

At first glance the aviation academy seems kind of out of place in a urban high school but the bottom line is that there is a growing demand for people in that field which includes not only pilots but all the other related careers such as Air Traffic Controllers, Mechanics, Flight Training, Drone Operations, Global Logistics, etc.

The academic course work will be taught, as much as possible, by School District teachers.  Those subjects requiring specialized training will be taught by experts.  The hands-on training will be done at Northeast Airport as part of the normal school day.  Students will finish with a private pilot’s license with a goal of also becoming a certified flight instructor. 

Next year the school will be rebranded as the Frankford High School Aviation Academy.  All incoming ninth graders will take two introduction to aviation elective courses that will familiarize them with the opportunities in the field so that they will be in a position to decide if they want to apply for the aviation track which begin in 10th grade.

Applications from current 9th graders, who have already applied to be admitted into the program, are under evaluation now.  The course is designed for 24 participants.  Those selected will begin the course work in September.

A provider is being selected to give flight training and any other instruction requiring specialized expertise.  That training will take place at Northeast Airport as part of the normal instructional day for the students.

This is a great opportunity for those students who are not heading to college to get on track for good paying, high prestige careers in a growth industry.

Frankford High is Pioneering once again.