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Frankford Memories from 2001

The video below was produced back in 2001 when there was a great deal of very positive activity on Frankford Avenue.   The five people who were interviewed for their recollections of Frankford give first person accounts of things we can now only read about.  It is only about 20 minutes long but well worth seeing again. Thanks to Joe Menkevich for digging up the old VHS tape.

Skin of Our Teeth Pictures


A Lion Theater Production

Frankford Memories

Written and Directed by

Francesco Muto and Randall Bowes

In Association with

The Historical Society of Frankford


The Frankford United Neighbors CDC

Recorded in October of 2001

Screened at the Frankford Arts Festival at the Historical Society of Frankford


Dr. Irving Smiler – Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Frankford

Zelma Banes – St. Mark’s Church, Frankford

Myrtle Macintosh – Rehoboth Methodist Church, Frankford

Dr. Leon Johnston – Retired School District of Philadelphia teacher and administrator

Jean Seder – Author, “Voices of Kensington”