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Frankford Author Publishes First Novel

Lisa A. Forrest is a mother and grandmother from Philadelphia PA, whose lifelong dream has been to write a book. She found the focus and drive to blog over the past few years, but still hadn’t been able to focus long enough to write a book. During her humanities class while working on her business degree, she was inspired and knew she needed to finally write that book. She started and didn’t stop until the completion of her first novel, “Parlons Cafe’ | And the Journey Through a Transcendental Love”.

The Forrest family roots run deep in Frankford and we are proud to highlight her achievement.

Will SEX or LOVE win when Charlie finds love in a very uncustomary way? Come share Charlie’s journey, while peeking in on her exciting and intimate liaisons, as she attempts to figure out what love means to her, and her unconventional approach to accepting it. Parlons Café (And the Journey Through a Transcendental Love),” …is the story of Charlise (Charlie) Langston. An entrepreneur whose answer to disconnecting from social media, is a café where people can socially intermingle in a live environment (as opposed to a virtual environment), and have real live conversations again. Parlons is French for ‘Let’s Talk’, an intentional and apropos name for the café that Charlise created. Parlons is also a story of female empowerment and sexual freedom, while journeying through an unconventional path of learning to love again. Charlie is an independent thinker, with anti-societal views, non-religious convictions, unbridled passion, cyber-sexual inclinations, with a struggle to balance her moral compass.

The book is available from Amazon at this link.