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No It is Not Frankford

The major media in this city seems to be getting worse.

They do not seem to know the city anymore.  Philadelphia has a lot of neighborhoods and to a newcomer, that can be confusing but if you are in the news business, you better know where you are when you do a story.  The story below is about a stabbing at Tyson and Frankford Avenues.  Matt O’Donnell calls it Frankford.


Until now, I would sen a comment or an email, every time this happened, to bring it to the attention of whoever was in charge, whenever a stupid error of location was made.  Now I’ll just post them here.

WPVI – The intersection of Tyson Avenue and Frankford Avenue is not in Frankford.  That is what people call Mayfair.  One clue is the banner that hangs at the corner of Tyson and Frankford Avenues.

Mayfair Banner

But if all else fails, check the address on this handy web site. Making this kind of careless mistake deserves an on air correction.