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Changes on Frankford Avenue

What used to be McDonalds, across from the Transportation Center, is now a vacant storefront.    The word on the street is the loiterers have relocated.

McDonalds no more


Now reopened after a forced shut down a few months ago, the owners are interested in selling their franchise.  Follow this link to the listing. 7-11 has a Veterans program.  It will take a tough owner to take on this job.

7-11 store at 5028-34 Frankford Avenue

Across the street from the 7-11 the Chinese takeout has closed and a new Adja Binta African Wholesale Food Market is open.  It is a nice little store that carries the basics.  Very clean inside and you can see pictures at this link.

Adja Binta Wholesale African Grocery

Coming two doors down, New York Pizza and Grill.  Don’t know anything about this one yet.

New York Pizza and Grill

Formerly Lorenzo’s Barber Shop is now the Infinity Hair Salon.

Infinity Hair Salon

There is always something new happening in Frankford.