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Marge Tartaglione

State Senator, Tina Tartaglione, released the following press release today:

“It is with immeasurable sadness and despair that I announce the passing of my beloved mother, Margaret Tartaglione. Throughout her recent illness, she was surrounded by family and friends, and was provided with the very best medical care. Thank you all for bringing her joy and comfort. My mother was a very strong yet compassionate woman. She cared deeply about her family, her community, and her city. She was a pioneer in the political realm – the first women elected to a citywide office in Philadelphia’s history. At a time when women were rarely afforded a seat at the table, she not only earned a seat, she became an enduring leader and icon who will always be revered and remembered fondly.”

Marge Tartaglione became Chairwoman of the Philadelphia City Commissioners  during the Rizzo era and served nine, four year terms. I remember her a tough cookie but she had to be.  She was a woman who broke the glass ceiling before anybody knew it could be broken.  She was a true trail blazer and will be more than a footnote in Philadelphia history.

Marge Tartaglione meeting Pope John Paul II

The Gazette sends our sincere condolences to Senator Tartaglione and her family.