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Second Annual Conference for Archival Researchers and Friends

1507 Orthodox Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124
The Historical Society of Frankford announces the
Second Annual Conference for Archival Researchers and Friends.
At the Society, 1507 Orthodox Street, October 6, 2019, 3 – 6 pm
Admission Free
All are welcome to attend.  The gathering will consist of short stories drawn from the research experience of the presenters, conversation, and refreshments.
The presentations will include:
– Fred Prescott, HSoF Board Member, on a bamboo airplane built to protect Frankford Arsenal during World War I.
– Professor Matt Smalarz, Chair of the Humanities Department at Manor College, on real estate development in Northeast Philadelphia after World War II.
– Author John Manton, on the Frankford Arsenal Commandant who defected to the Confederacy.
– Fred Moore, local historian, on graveyard revelations.
– Genealogical researcher Tom Dayton and HSoF History Committee Chair John Buffington on relations between Lenape residents of Petty’s Island and white purchasers of the property.
– And probably some surprise appearances.
We believe that the short story format of this conference–presenters will strive to tell an interesting story within 10 minutes–makes it more family friendly than the usual history program with a single 45 minute-or-more talk on a single subject.  So this is an experiment, and we encourage people to bring their children, grandchildren, or young neighbors to help up try out our theory.  Please join us.