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Frankford Northwood Y Status Report

Neighbors were both happy and concerned when Leiper Street LLC purchased the old Frankford Y building at 4704 Leiper Street.  The building had been deteriorating for years since it had closed.

When the owners, Steve Mavrakis and Steve Ostroff, appeared at the Northwood Civic Association meeting in December of 2018, they were greeted with many questions and a lot of skepticism.  What were they going to do with the building.  (see report about that meeting at this link.)  Was it going to be an asset to the community?

The building was in poor shape at that time but in the year since, a great deal of work has been done.  It is now available for lease, details at this link.

Below are some before and after pictures showing the progress of the renovations.  It’s a work in progress but Steve Mavrakis said it would be done and looks like it is going in the right direction.