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15th District PDAC Thanks Cops for Their Service

On Saturday December 2nd, the 15th District PDAC (Police District Advisory Council) held its annual holiday meal to thank and honor the police officers of the 2nd and 15th District.   Coordinating this special event was Pete Specos, Treasurer of the 15th PDAC.

He started his day around 4 am preparing the meatballs. He loaded the truck with all the necessary food and supplies and set off to set up for this special event at the District headquarters on Levick Street.  The menu also included cooked ham, donated by Dietz & Watson. Vegetables were corn and green beans. Chickie’s & Pete’s provided all you could eat, Wings, Chicken fingers and their famous crab fries. The cake was from Four Season’s restaurant.

The event lasted long enough (about 18 hours) to allow the police officers from all the shifts to dine at this special feast.  All of the police officers who attended were very thankful and very appreciative for this meal.

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Other members of the 15th PDAC that helped with the serving were Joe Valecce, President, Mike Barone, Maureen Taylor and Joe Taylor.

It was our special way of saying Thank You to all the police officers who put on the uniform every day to help protect and serve our community.

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Deadly Shooting in Frankford

Philadelphia Police are investigating a homicide at Oakland and Bridge Streets on Monday, June 19th.


This is the 5th homicide this years in the 15th District PSA1.  See the rest of the story at the link below.  If you are interested in talking to the police about this or anything else, come to the PSA1 meeting on Thursday, June 22nd at 7 PM at Aria Jefferson Hospital.  Captain Luca is scheduled to attend.

Source: Deadly shooting in Northwood section of Philadelphia |

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Robert Bakos and John Lee 15th Police District Officers of the Year for 2016

The 15th Police District PDAC (Police District Advisory Council) honored Robert Bakos and John Lee as Officers of the Year for 2016 at a banquet held on January 30th.

The citation noted that they had made 78 ma­jor crime ar­rests, nine ar­rests for fire­arm vi­ol­a­tions, 383 vehicle in­vest­ig­a­tions and 370 ped­es­tri­an in­vest­ig­a­tions. They were the first to respond for 528 po­lice ra­dio calls.

Officer Robert Bakos with wife Nicole and son Brayden at the award banquet.

In addition, Steph­en Bur­goon, Joanne Kitz, An­thony Manes and Mat­thew Nodiff were named officers of the month for December for their work in the arrest of a suspect in a series of robberies.

Businesses were also honored for their support of the 15th District PDAC:  Friends Hospital (4641 Roosevelt Blvd.), Avenue Chiropractic (6233 Frankford Avenue), Lorenzo’s Café Espresso (4741 Princeton Ave.) and Barbera Autoland (7110 E. Roosevelt Blvd.)

There is no argument that Frankford needs effective policing.  You can measure that in a lot of different ways but it comes down to the men and women out on the street who are putting it on the line to make our lives safer.  We thank these officers for their dedication and hard work.

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Vice Crackdown in Frankford

Take your business elsewhere, Frankford is closed.

Thanks to Chris Sawyer from Philadelinquency, we can see that the Philadelphia police vice unit was cracking down on prostitution on November 15th.  There were 7 arrests made in the 2 hour period.  Those arrested were the johns or should we say those who were seeking services from the prostitutes who turned out to be undercover police officers.

8:55 PM on the 4100 block of Kensington

8:22 PM on the 1500 block of Deal

8:22 PM on the 1500 block of Adams

8:00 PM on the 1500 block of Adams

7:47 PM on the 4100 block of Kensington

7:34 PM on the 1500 block of Adams

7:09 PM on the 1500 block of Adams

A local massage parlor was also raided last month. Its good to know that this kind of crime is being addressed.