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Druid Hall

I go up Harrison Street at least once a week and pass the forlorn remains of a home at 1664.  Back in 1887 it was owned by Emma B. Middleton.  In more recent times it was owned by the man who had the magic shop at 4455 Frankford Avenue for many years.  Less well known is that is was also the headquarters of the International Druidic Society.  The magic store man was a druid.  That is druid like in witches I believe. I unofficially named it Druid Hall when I heard about that years ago.

I had heard that it eventually was purchased by some New Yorkers but the OPA web site says that it is now owned by BODZIAK JANUSZ at 1683 FILLMORE ST.

It has been cleaned up in the last few months and below are a few pictures of what it looks like today.  Given the physical condition, I can’t imagine what the plan is for this building.  It is really a blot on the neighborhood.  Anybody have any information on what is going on there?