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Pop Star Inspires Students at Frankford Friends School

By Jonathan Clifton

camille peruto

Camille Peruto

Singer Camille Peruto may have received a standing ovation at the Hollywood Theatre where she appeared in the TV Show, American Idol, but that was nothing compared with the reception she received one day in February during a surprise visit to Frankford Friends School.

“This is the coolest school I’ve ever visited!”, said 20 year old Camille, before launching into some songs from her new album, Sparrow, produced by multi Grammy award winner, Glen Barratt. Many of the children were familiar with her songs and joined in, clapping and singing along.

In addition to her music, Camille answered questions from the children, ranging from, “What is Jennifer Lopez really like?” to “How do you become a musician?”.

“You guys have already made a great start,” Camille answered, referring to Frankford Friends successful music program, ” I understand that all of you play instruments. That’s wonderful.”

And she added, “I’m coming back to your Spring Concert in May to watch you perform!”

Teacher Jonathan Clifton reminded the children that Camille is involved in many charity events, ranging from Tinnitus Awareness to performing at Breast Cancer Events. One of the songs on her new album which says ” Words cut deeper than a pocket knife”, was written for a national campaign against bullying.

ffs kids“Camille has a special talent, and she’s using it to make the world a better place”, said Clifton, “And that’s something we care about too.
The young audience seemed to agree. ” She made me feel so happy”, said one little girl.