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Progress on the Frankford Murals

Work has been moving along on the Frankford murals.  The panels on the building opposite Womrath Park are almost finished.  Work on the wall of the building that faces the North end of Womrath Park is underway.

I met Cesar Viveros there this week with two other artists as they were mounting the painted panels and on the prepared surface of the wall.  This wall is large and is made up of many individual panels that have been painted previously.  The people who participated in the community paint days will be able to recognize what they painted.

Each wall has to be prepared before the panels, made of a strong but thin cloth, are attached.  After the panels are mounted, there is some touch up work necessary but you can see from the slide show below that it is already shaping up as a monumental work.

There will be a ceremony in the Spring when the last work is complete.  Until then we’ll continue to post updates.

If you happen to go by, feel free to stop and say hello to the artists.  They are a friendly bunch and like to talk about their work.



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Mural Designs to be Unveiled

Dear Frankford,

We hope you can join us for our mural design meeting coming up this Thursday evening at 6 pm in the 2nd floor conference room at ARIA. We will be sharing with you three fully completed designs for the Imagining Frankford series of murals. The goal for the evening is to get your final approval or suggestions for these designs that Cesar has labored over during many months now, taking in all the feedback from the numerous meetings we held and interviews with community members. We will have a general progress update for you, too.

The three designs are for the following sites:
– 4122-50 Kensington Ave.
– 4248 Frankford Ave.
– 4229-39 Frankford Ave.

In the meantime, please visit the project video site where the interview videos are located:

Thank you for your continued support- we hope to see you on Thursday!

Netanel and Cesar

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Frankford Mural Locations Set

At the Imagining Frankford meeting at Campbell AME church on Tuesday April 17th, the locations for the Frankford murals were announced.  There are five locations that will be used.  At the Southern gateway to Frankford the locations are 4229-39 Frankford AVenue, 4248 Frankford Avenue and 4122-50 Kensington Avenue.  Further up the locations will be at 4426-28 Frankford Avenue and 4935 Frankford Avenue.  These locations were chosen for visibility from both street level and El level.  Consideration had to be given to the suitability of the wall surface.

Cesar Viveros is the lead artist and he has listened to the community over the last 6 months talk about Frankford.  He presented his design concept last night which will attempt to incorporate what he has heard.  It starts with the heart of Frankford which translates into Community, Family, History, Pride and Potential.  His task is to now express those elements into murals.  He presented some of his initial design concepts and I have reproduced only three of them here.  Click on the image for a full size view.

From here the designs will be finalized and then go into production between June and September.  There will be community paint days where people will be invited into the studio to participate in the process.  The process will be complete in September/October.

There will be another meeting on Saturday April 21st from 1 to 2:30 PM at Campbell AME church at 1657 Kinsey St.   The public is invited to come out and see what is happening.