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Frankford Day Nursery to be Converted to Joy of Living Recovery House

oct-21-2007-007You wouldn’t think this nice little building would be a source of controversy.  The Frankford Day Nursery (4445 Penn Street) served the community for close to 100 years and now is closed and up for sale.  At the recent town hall meeting, some residents expressed concern that it was being converted to a transitional residence of some kind.  Both state representative Tony Payton and councilperson Maria Quinones-Sanchez said they knew nothing of such plans but would look into the rumor.

At the Frankford Civic meeting last night, the operators of the Joy of Living recovery house attended and talked about their plan to use the day nursery building as a recovery house.  They had been in contact with Tony Payton’s office and in fact had some kind construction permit.

So there was some confusion in Tony’s office about what to do and how to do it.  When this expansion of the Joy of Life services was being planned, the operators should have come to the Frankford Civic to discuss the issue.  It would have been good if Tony’s office had told them about it.

New Rule:  You don’t open a drug related facility in Frankford without getting community support from the Frankford Civic Association.

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Frankford Civic Association Meeting

The Frankford Civic held their monthly meeting tonight with 36 people in attendance.  Some routine zoning business came up first with approvals for

  • Paintarama over on Torresdale Avenue needs some indoor parking due to vandalism
  • A family day care on Harrison Street to expand to serve 12 children
  • The Independent Electrical Contractors Association for the operation of a training center in the 1600 block of Foulkrod Street.
  • Operation of a rotisserie chicken store for take out and with seating to eat in on Frankford Avenue near Margaret Street.

The electricians presence was greated with applause and welcome to the community.

img_2005A property owner made a presentation to convert a 3 story single home into a triplex.  That issue was set for further study.  The owner of a property on Frankford Avenue near Church Street is looking to open a business and wants to work with the civic to try to find a good use for the building.  The owner of the property on Frankford Avenue seeking to add 2 apartments to the first floor thereby reducing the size of the retail space was not present.

Upcoming events are the mayor’s budget information meeting at St. Dominick’s on 2/12.  The 15th district captain’s town hall meeting at St. Joachim’s on 2/17 and an informational meeting on the new 311 phone system at Tacony Baptist on 2/18.

img_2006Several representatives from groups serving the rehab community attended the meeting for the first time.  There were discussions of the need for the services they provide and it was generally agreed that yes they are needed.  The big question is why are so many of them needed in Frankford.  Many people spoke on the quality of the services they provide and how that is the real source of the problem.

On that issue, we beg to differ.  If every one of the various drug rehab services was the top in its field, it would still mean that Frankford was over full of A+ drug rehab services.

We are closed now.  We are full.  Those that remain in Frankford will have to be good or they will go and those that go do not need to be replaced.
Although there were some strong positions taken, the meeting was civil and fairly amiable considering the depth of feeling on both sides the the fence.  It ran a bit late which is unusual for the Civic.

We’ll be posting something tomorrow on the issue of the old Frankford Day nursery building being used for another drug rehab residence.