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9th Annual Community Clean Up at Gambrel Recreation Center

On the calm, cool morning of April 16th, The Frankford Chargers and Gambrel recreation center played a role in the 9th annual community park clean up. The outcome was fantastic! Equipment was supplied and every participant was a volunteer ready to work. What a great way to give back!

The event was sponsored by community officials and the equipment supplied was given to the recreation center to keep for years to come.

Beginning at 9:00 am lasting until 1:00 pm productivity was displayed at its finest. Trash was collected from all sections of the park, benches and poles were painted, and weeds and grass was cut.

This was the first year that mister Gambrel himself has not been present to oversee the job but his spirit was felt all around.

Last year’s citywide stats displayed in total, there were 723 participant sites, which coincided with 14,460 volunteers. 836,100 pounds of trash was collected, and 107,580 pounds of material was recycled. The status of this year’s turnout has not yet been announced however, the neighborhoods are hoping that progress was made!

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Gambrel Recreation Center New Program

Gambrel Recreation Center at 1900 Wakeling St. has a new T-BALL program for boys and girls with practice starting in April.

The Frankford Chargers sports teams are looking for coaches for football baseball and cheer leading..

If you are interested in enrolling your child or would like to help out call Art at 215-685-1243.

Volunteers are also needed for the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Philly Spring Cleanup on April 11th at 10AM.  Come out and help spruce up the park for Spring.