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Fallen Leaves


Do you know what it means to have a dream, and no one to share it with.

As I climb to the top of the stairs, and look around, and no one’s there, my dream just falls apart.

Like leaves from a dying tree that has lost its grip, and starts to fall with grace and gentleness, and land on the ground, to be found by someone who collects fallen leaves.

No this is not a story about a man who needs love or sympathy, just a man looking for someone who collects fallen leaves and becomes a part of his dream.

But, when he finds that one – who will share his dream, they’ll climb to the top of the stairs, to share a dream.

Knowing what it means, to share a dream, with someone who collects fallen leaves. And understand what it means to climb the stairs, and no one’s there, to share your dream.

This comes at a time while you’re lost in a dream, and all you can see is visions of fallen leaves. “Lost in a dream”. when all you see –  is visions of fallen leaves.


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The First Day of Spring

It’s the First Day of Spring


Yes, I remember the first day of spring.

Weeping Willow’s dancing in the breeze.

Frozen lakes and rivers now running free.

Eagles flying high over cherry blossom trees.

It’s at this time when the air is sweet and clean.

It’s like a sweet and tender kiss coming off the ocean breeze.

Little old ladies scrubbing steps on bended knees.


I remember the first day of spring.


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When you start wrestling with the darkness of your past,
Not knowing how much longer life’s going to last.
Then you reach down inside your soul,
You start telling stories how life done you wrong.
Then you start singing a different song, trying to forget all of the wrong you have done,
And still looking for forgiveness because you may not have that long.
Thinking there is a better path that you could’ve traveled on.
Then maybe you will find that peace, and rest that you’ve been looking for.
But when you look into your heart you may find,
A heart that is so forgiving, and you can’t understand why.
Because life is a struggle, and “Only the Strong Will Survive”.
But as you travel through the valley of life, looking for forgiveness, it may be hard to find. Because forgiveness is not given to you by man, forgiveness is given to you by God.

Lenny Jaynes

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I’m in the jungle of confusion, in the valley of frustration, in a world with no direction.
Looking at the hands on a clock thinking they will never stop, why can’t we figure this out?
You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t.
Can life be that uncertain, that we can’t figure this out?

Look around, time is running out. Can’t you see people are leaving that knew they had the answer.
They’re not here because they took their chances, not believing that what we’re dealing with is for real.
Because everybody thinks they have the answer.

Should I go or should I stay, should I wait, or should I delay my plans for the future?
Not knowing which way to go, trying to take it very slow, but that’s not the answer.
This situation has us so uptight; we don’t know if we should go left or we should go right.
So, when you go to bed tonight, I hope you figure it out – before you turn off the light – there must be an answer.


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First Date


I remember the first day we met, it was on a Sunday how can I forget.
You walked past me smelling like a rose.
I stopped and I looked, and you gave me a pose.
You stood there looking so dignified, in those black stockings running down your thighs,
Fingernails the color of pure gold, a small diamond protruding from your nose.
From that moment I thought it was fate, so I asked you for a date.
You looked at me and rolled your eyes, like this was some kind of surprise.
But I can still see the twinkle in your eyes. even though I may be running late,
I still remember our very first date. It was on a Sunday afternoon, now we’re on our honeymoon, and I still remember you smelling like a rose,
That day you stopped – looked at me, gave me a pose, then rolled your eyes.